Care Home Charter for Swallowing and Medicines

The Care Home Charter, below, is also available as a PDF download here.

When I am staying in a care home, I expect the people responsible for my care to:

1. Actively involve me in decisions about my medicines.
2. Help me make shared decisions about my medicines.
3. Regularly monitor and review my medications.
4. Ensure that medicines are administered in a form and route appropriate to my needs / abilities.
5. Ensure that I am not given medication against my wishes.
6. Respect the advance decisions or directives I make regarding refusing medicines.
7. Ensure that medicines are not given to me hidden in my food or drink unless it is in my best interests and all legal requirements have been met.
8. Examine my mouth to ensure that my oral health needs are being met.
9. Recognise when I am unable to swallow safely.

As a professional working in a care home, I must have the requisite knowledge and skills to:

1. Identify and respect the resident’s wishes and beliefs about medication.
2. Involve the resident and/or those important to them to make shared decisions about medication.
3. Ensure the resident I care for will have a regular medicines optimisation review.
4. Assess monitor, administer and review medication to ensure that the resident receives medication in an appropriate form and route.
5. Only administer medicines in line with national and covert medication policy and the guidance of the Court of Protection.
6. Ensure an advance care plan, which includes medication, is in place for the resident, with a regular review when their condition changes.
7. Work with other members of the multi- disciplinary team to ensure that the resident’s medication needs are met.
8. Ensure that optimal oral and dental care is provided for residents.
9. Recognise and manage swallowing problems to ensure appropriate referrals are made.